Ottawa Wedding Photographer – Claudine Trashed her Wedding Dress!!!

August 16, 2012 | by Chantal Benoit Comments

Trash the dress has been gaining popularity in the last year. It is a style of wedding photography that is captured with elegant clothing with an out of place environment. Some people choose to really trash it, some people choose to be captured portraying a hobby, some people choose a funky location such as city streets or abandon buildings . The most popular location is the water.

In my opinion, a trash the dress session is another opportunity for the bride to wear her dress again and shine. To be able to get images at a location she was not able to fit in her schedule on the wedding day, take images without worrying about the dress being dirty or stepping on it.

Back in June, I posted on my Facebook business page “If I could grant you a photography wish, what would you want and why?”. Claudine replied she would like a Trash the Dress session to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. I thought it would be a great opportunity to add another specialty to my services and get some practice.

Claudine and Julien were open to my ideas and because I had already worked with them, since I photographed their wedding last year, I knew their style and what I would be able to do with them, so I chose Mooney’s Bay.

Their wedding was in October and I thought a beach session would be different from their wedding photos. We took photos on the sand and in the water which was really fun.

People on the beach where watching attentively and where a bit confused on why a bride would want to go in the water on the day of her wedding.

The images turned out to be stunning, elegant and romantic and will definitely be used for my marketing material.

Why wear your dress just once? Your dress will only get as dirty as you want it to be.

Check out Claudine and Julien session.


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